Our envisaged services to interested parties within the law- and financial fraternities include:
Bulk processing dealing with larger batches of domicilium addresses, for which sheriff’s office and magisterial court information are required. Bulk geo-processing of this data is performed to convert these into corresponding GPS coordinates, which are then overlayed onto the spatial database (digital map), to provide output on the applicable sheriff (name, address, contact numbers, etc.), as well as the relevant magisterial court (name, address, contact numbers, etc.) for each of the domicilium addresses in the batch.
Individual (ad hoc) queries for processing of single or smaller amounts of domicilium addresses via a user-friendly web based front-end system. On finalisation of a joint venture partnership/s, a web-based system will be available for processing of ad-hoc queries, using an interactive geo-coding engine, together with a digital overlay of sheriff service area- and magisterial district maps. Outputs will include:
      • Location map of the relevant domicilium address
      • Applicable sheriff name and contact details
      • Applicable magisterial court of law and contact details