Domicilium Trace is seeking joint venture partnerships with law- and/or financial firms, that may be interested in capitalising from a national, web-based sheriff service area query system.

Suitable joint venture partners (front-end operators) will manage the web based front-end of the system, while Domicilium Trace will be responsible for the maintenance of the spatial data base (digital map), which is the essential primary source data for a system of this kind.

The web-based system will allow an end-user to enter a physical address. Data from a suitable National Address Database (NAD) will auto-complete different options for the entry (or partial entry) using predictive text. The end-user then selects one of the meaningful options, based on actual physical addresses existing in the particular NAD. Where meaningful entries are made and viable options exist, this “geo-coding engine” thus converts a physical address (text) into a GPS coordinate. An automated request is then forwarded to the Domicilium Trace spatial data base – hosted in a secured online environment – which provides the end-user with the name and contact information of the appointed sheriff and relevant magisterial court, through the web interface.

Access to the web-based system will be controlled by the front-end operator, through unique login credentials for registered end-users. Each end-user will access the system using his/her unique login credentials, allowing for individual tracking and invoicing, based on the amount of requests made. Domicilium Trace will invoice the front-end operator for the total amount of requests made by all their registered end-users, with the front-end operator having the responsibility to bill the individual end-users, or alternatively implement a pre-paid (coupon) system.

We are aware of a similar query system that did previously exist, but applied to the Gauteng province only. However, that system relied on periodical interviews with individual sheriffs for the updating of service area boundaries. With the complexities arising with the rationalisation of magisterial districts and subsequent changes to sheriff service area boundaries since 2014, this method of updating were no longer sustainable, leading to its termination in 2017.

For queries or further information on potential joint venture partnerships, please contact Ryk Taljaard at or 082 895 2906.