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To be launched:
Bulk processing
The current aim of the system is to be able to process large batches of domicilium addresses, by firstly geo-coding the addresses in order to convert them into accurate GPS coordinates for their address locations, overlay the results onto our spatial database (digital map), and provide as output, the applicable sheriff (name, contact numbers, addresses, etc), as well as applicable magisterial court (name, contact numbers, addresses, etc), for each individual domicilium address entered into the system.
Future development:

Individual (ad hoc) queries via a web based system

- Client geo-codes records via an interactive geo-coding engine
- Resulting point is digitally overlaid with sheriff- en magisterial
district maps
- Result contains:
Location map of the relevant domicilium addres
Applicable sheriff name and contact details
Applicable magisterial court of law and contact details
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